Community Railway Project

The overall Feasibility Study is divided into two main phases, Primary and Secondary.  To ensure most efficient use of committed funds, the Primary Phase begins with an Expedited Phase with the objective of examining the fundamentals of the project, identifying any aspects which might put the project at risk, and putting in place mitigation if possible.

The Expedited Phase is now under way, with critical factors being identified and early drafts of some sections being prepared.

Document Status

The following sections have been identified as forming part of the Primary Phase, either because they form part of the necessary framework or because they address crucial risk aspects:

Feasibility Study – Section 2 – Background 
Feasibility Study – Section 3 – General Overview 
Feasibility Study – Section 7 – General Route 
Feasibility Study – Section 8.1 – Desk Study 
Feasibility Study – Section 16 – Alternative Solutions 
Feasibility Study – Section 20 – Geotechnical 
Feasibility Study – Section 23.1 – Preliminary System Definition 
Feasibility Study – Section 23.2 – Preliminary Risk Assessment 

These will undergo a process of finalising and polishing during the forthcoming phases of the study before publication.

Summary of Position


The rail consulting company Engineering Integration Ltd have been appointed and a series of weekly virtual meetings has been established to monitor progress and ensure good communication between the Board and the Consultants.

The schedule of tasks has been reviewed and the scope of each is in the process of being agreed.

Land title

An analysis is under way to establish ownership of the entire route and identify any potential issues.

Parallel Projects

Monthly virtual meetings with Coventry City Council and Warwick Manufacturing Group have been established to learn from their experience, follow progress of design of the vehicle and track technology, and work together to promote Very Light rail Projects such as ours.